It was the season of cold cool wind, December - the perfect time to visit and tour China. Flying from Baku to Lanzhou city totaled 10 hours of travel time. Visiting within a week to China will surely leave any traveler with a different taste every time you hop from one place to another.

A tour exploring Lanzhou which co-organized by Lanzhou Municipal committee and Gansu branch of Xinhua Net aimed to spread Lanzhou´s beef noodles culture abroad.

As Chairman of the People´s Republic of China Xi Jinping stated the One Belt One Road Initiative, Lanzhou – boosts and develops international cargo hub and the people do their utmost to improve its modern railway systems.

Lanzhou is one of the safest big cities. It is nice to take a long nighttime stroll to see the city lights and get a feel of the congested city which is home to 3,5 million people. The city is situated on the banks of the Yellow River.

Local people are very friendly and will not hesitate to go the extra mile to offer help and try to give traveler directions even if by using hand gestures.

While it offers luxurious hotels with pampering massages and spa experiences, it also caters to a mid-budget traveler who is curious to know more about this country.

This metropolitan city prides itself with combining a hub for technology and business on one hand and being a cultural and historical destination on the other. The Dongchuan Logistics Center serves as a major international trade distribution center.

Lanzhou is very famous with its best known Beef Noodles. Winter is a great season for noodles especially hot and warm noodle soup. Lanzhou beef noodle, one of the national star in China looks plain and common. But it successfully obtains the love of all the foodies who have taken the first bite. It has been a traditional national Chinese noodles with quite a long history. Lanzhou Beef Noodles were introduced in the end of Qing Dynasty and become the most popular dish. What makes Lanzhou beef noodles taste so good? The answer is the hand pulled noodles plus the beef broth.

The Gansu Xinglong Beef Noodle Vocational Training School teaches the people who are willing to learn this craftsmanship. In order to become a certified beef noodle master, you must graduate three-year course carrying out by the School.

Lanzhou restaurants are keen to expand their distributors around the world. Globally 40 countries house the Beef Noodle restaurants. A lot of people come from different parts of the world to study how to make this marvelous dish.

As any tourist leave China, did not manage to finish shopping, Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport is one big shopping mall and best option once pass the security checkpoint. Traveler will find a variety of stores including traditional Chinese gift shops, ginseng stores, and luxury brands stores. Any tourist will also be entertained by a recurring traditional parade showcasing cultural Chinese outfits and music - the right atmosphere to say goodbye to the Chinese adventure.

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