The "ASAN Volunteers" organization has issued a declaration on the Armenian provocation against Azerbaijani civilians on July 4, 2017.

"The Armenians´ aspiration to occupy Azerbaijani lands throughout the history and the use of the most insidious and illogical methods to achieve this is a clear example of the Armenian hypocrisy of naming historical Azerbaijani lands as a homeland."

"The Armenians, who were buried in "The Greater Armenia", occupied 20 percent of Azerbaijan´s land in 1992-1993 and displaced more than 1 million people from their homeland," the statement says.

"As a result of the occupation, Azerbaijan with a total length of 25 thousand km, meaning 160 bridges with a total length of 3984 m, 14.5 thousand km of electricity lines, 2500 electric transformers, 2 thousand km of gas pipelines, 160 water reservoirs, more than 34 Gas distribution station was destroyed by Armenian occupiers."

"In the occupied territories, 600 schools which 140,000 students studied, 65 vocational schools which 53,000 students got educated and 2 higher education institutions have been destroyed. 700 health centers which include a hospital for 800 people, polyclinics, maternity homes, drugstores and emergency hospitals were destroyed. Total economic damage to healthcare is about $ 1.2 billion."

"During the evening, on July 4 Armenian armed forces shelled the Alkhanli village of Fuzuli using caliber mortars and grenade launchers. As a result of the actions of the Armenian Armed Forces aimed at the civilian population, villager Guliyeva Sahiba Idris born in 1967 and her 2 years old granddaughter, Guliyeva Zahra Elnur were killed. Another civilian, Guliyeva Salminaz Iltifat, born in 1965, was wounded, and civilian facilities were damaged," the statement says.

"The Armenian state has once again seriously violated the fundamental norms and principles of international law."

The Armenian side violates the Hague conventions on the protection of the civilian population, the Geneva Conventions on the Protection of Victims of War, and the UN Security Council resolutions during the armed conflicts (wars), continuing its repulsive and aggressive policy."

"Armenia´s failure to comply with international law norms inevitably raises the number of victims among civilians in the region as before.”

“As the "ASAN Volunteers" organization, we urge all international organizations not to remain indifferent to this vandal policy of Armenia and take important steps to punish the Armenian government," the organization says.

BAKU. 07.07.2017. AzerTAg.

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