History of Azersu OJSC

Water pipes supplying drinking water to Baku City were built in the 1970s and 1980s from Kur River. But because of indifference to the infrastructure in the late 1980s and the early 1990s serious difficulties occurred in water supply system. After establishment of stability in the country in 1993 the major duty on the agenda was to remove difficulties existing in water supply system, like in other spheres of economy. It was started to create an entity able to improve the supply of cities of Baku, Sumgayit and Absheron peninsula with drinking water. For this purpose, Absheron Regional Joint Stock Water Company was established in 1995 on decision of Milli Majlis of the Republic of Azerbaijan in base of major and circulation funds of two former public entities – Kommunsenayesutejhizaty Production Union and AzSuGEO Scientific-Research Institute.

At the time, for the first time in CIS a lax credit was allotted from international financial institutions to the water sector within the Big Baku Water Supply System Reconstruction Project.

Like other spheres of economy, reforms implemented towards improvement of water supply system are successfully continued and enlarged.

Order of June 11, 2004 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan ‘On improvement of management in field of water supply system in the Republic of Azerbaijan’ contributed, as the sign of big attention of the President to this field, to intensification of works carried out in the direction of implementation of reforms and improvement of management structure.

In frame of reforms and improvements performed according to that order, Absheron Regional Joint Stock Water Company was changed into Azersu JSC, and institutions and organizations of Bakykanalizasiya Production Union of Baku City Executive Power and Azersukanaltemir and Azerkendsutejhizat production unions, which have been shutdown, of State Construction and Architecture Committee in cities and districts of the republic were given to its subordination.

All the stocks of the Company are owned by the state.

As result of structural reforms implemented to improve water supply and sewage service management in regions Birleshmish Sukanal Ltd was established, Sumgayit, Ganca, Sheki, Goychay and Aghdash water-sewage institutions were changed to affiliate JSCs. Water supply and sewage service institutions operating in the same time in the same districts and cities of the republic were merged and changed into mobile organizations, other structural improvements executed.

Important actions were taken in frame of the Regions Socio-Economic Development State Programme (2004-2008), Secondary Action Plan on Acceleration of Regions Socio-Economic Development, Action Plan on Acceleration of Socio-Economic Development of Baku City Settlements in 2006-2007 and etc, which were developed and approved upon respective orders of the head of state for assurance of stability in water supply, meeting the need in settlements for water, lifting the quality of water provided to consumers and improving the service, specific work plan determined for every district.

Duties of Azersu OJSC

Main objective of the Company is to make product, fulfil job, render service and gain profit in order to implement respective socio-economic orders in settlements of the Republic of Azerbaijan and meet the public need.

Main functions of the Company are to manage the subordinate institutions, coordinate and supervise their actions in order to organize water supply and sewage service within the republic, also develop proposals on implementation of state policy in this field. For this purpose, the Company:

Structure of Azersu OJSC

I. Structure of management

1. Management
- President
- Vice-President
- Vice-President
- Vice-President
- Vice-President
2. Apparatus

II. Institutions of Azersu OJSC:

- Baku Water Pipe Exploitation Department
- Baku Sewage Service Department
- Water-Metering Devices Exploitation Economy and Water Sale Department
- Kur Water Pipes Production Exploitation Department
- Jeyranbatan Water Pipes Production Exploitation Department
- Khachmaz Water Pipes Department
- H.Z.Taghiyev Water Pipes Department
- Sangachal Water Pipes Department
- Birleshmish Sukanal Ltd
- Ganca Sukanal Affiliate JSC
- Sumgayit Sukanal Affiliate JSC
- Sheki Sukanal Affiliate JSC
- Goychay Sukanal Affiliate JSC
- Aghdash Sukanal Affiliate JSC
- Motor Transport and Mechanization Department
- Sukanal Scientific-Research and Project Institute
- Production and Technical Completing Department
- Sutikinti Institution
- Bullur Polygraphy Institution
- Babek Sports and Health Center

Address of Azersu OJSC

Address: 67 Moskva Avenue, Baku, AZ1012, the Republic of Azerbaijan
Tel : 431-47-67, 431-47-68
Fax : 430-28-87