Azerbaijan has been following an independent foreign policy since gaining independence in 1991. This policy aims at the strengthening and development of the state system and the protection of the national interests of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan builds its foreign policy on the principle of respect to the international legal standards and norms, the state sovereignty and territorial integrity and the principles of nonintervention into the internal affairs.

The foreign policy of Azerbaijan, adhering to these principles and speaking on behalf of the national interests targets such urgent issues as the risks and challenges to the national security and territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of the republic and the prevention of the intervention of the Republic of Armenia. The major priorities of the foreign policy of Azerbaijan are the establishment of the regional peace and stability, the implementation of large transport and cooperation projects.

The attraction of the foreign capital to the implementation of different projects on the development of the country's economics for more effective protection of the national interests plays a great role in the foreign policy of Azerbaijan in the present-day world. Thus, Azerbaijan that has chosen the democratic way of life determined its task in the establishment and development of mutually profitable bilateral and multilateral relations with other neighbor and faraway countries in different spheres.

Azerbaijan, expanding and developing its regional and global activity and international cooperation, became the member of a number of international organizations such as United Nations, the Organization on Security and Cooperation in Europe, European Council, Organization of Islamic Conference, Commonwealth of Independent States and others. Moreover, Azerbaijan was one of the cofounders of GUAM.

The steps undertaken by the government of Azerbaijan in Europe corresponds to the attempts of the foreign policy as its integral part. Europe, which is rather based on the real cooperation and partnership than on the old models of influence, promotes the establishment of a single structure for security and common welfare but at the same time it may lead to the emergence of new challenges. Therefore, Azerbaijan, considering the established objective situation intensifies its activity within the antiterrorist coalitions and cooperation with NATO and European Union.

Azerbaijan protects and implements its national interests through participating in the regional initiatives and the aforementioned organizations.

The development and implementation of the measures foreign policy of Azerbaijan serving the protection of the national interests is connected with our national leader Heydar Aliyev. His talent of the strong state system establishment, the deep logics and understanding of the importance of issues enabled to form correct approach to the establishment of international relations.

The present day foreign policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, conducted under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev, demonstrates its adherence to the course of development of mutually profitable relations with all goodwill countries and aims to develop Azerbaijan and to provide for the permanent prosperity and the welfare of the people.

The diplomatic activity, carried out in frames of this complicated and many-sided process is composed of a number of major trends that constitute the foreign policy of Azerbaijan.