• The history of the ministry
  • The duties of the ministry
  • The rights of the ministry
  • Agrarian reform
  • The international relations
  • The address of the ministry

    The history of the ministry

    The ministry of agriculture was founded in 1947. It operated as the Ministry of Cultivation and Labour under the first government of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan established on May 28, 1918. On October 15, 1918 it changed its name to the Ministry of the State Property and Cultivation and in 1920 the State Land Commissariat.

    In 1986 it functioned as the State Committee on Agrarian-Economy.

    In 1992 the Ministry of Agriculture and Food established in the Independent Republic of Azerbaijan. The entity preserved this name till 1993.

    The Ministry of agriculture functioning today was established in 1993.

    According to the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan 'About measures on perfecting the management in agrarian sphere', dated October 23, 2004, the ministry of Agriculture implements the following state policy on the following spheres:

    - Development of production and processing of the agricultural products;

    - Necessary service and provide of information to producers of the agricultural products;

    - Melioration and water economy, veterinary, plant quarantine and favourable use of the soil;

    - Implementation of unique scientific-technical policy, to organise priority investigation programs on plant growing and animal breeding;

    - Supply food security in the country;

    - Economic and social development of the villages.

    The duties of the ministry

    - to formulate and implement the state policy on agrarian sphere, to regulate economical relations, to control the implementation of the legislation in that sphere;

    - to determine main directions of social-economic development in agrarian sphere, to participate in preparation of the corresponding norms and standards, to work out rules and instructions;

    - in accordance with the legislation regulation of the economic activity in production and processing of the agricultural products, on the basis of economical condition in that sphere;

    - to provide the state policy in determinative and favourable exploitation of the soil useful for the agriculture;

    - to participate at preparation and implementation of the state policy on the development of infrastructure and social spheres of the villages;

    - to participate at preparation of the projects on normative-legal acts concerning the activity of the Ministry and the State Agencies and the Services near it;

    - to form the state policy on melioration and water economy and irrigation;

    - to implement unique scientific-technical policy in the agrarian sphere;

    - to work out and implement the priority investigation programs on increase of the productivity in the agriculture, processing of the agricultural goods, profitable use of biodiversity, also in plant growing and animal breeding;

    - together with the state organs to implement the state policy on food security of the country;

    - to participate in preparation and implementation of programs of republic and regional rate on agricultural problems and the social problems of the villages;

    - within its authorities to provide the implementation of the relating international cooperation and the international obligations on agrarian sphere; to relate the activities of subordinating offices, enterprises and organisations;

    - to implement veterinary assistance, to control the production foodstuffs safe and qualitative from the veterinary point, to protect the population from the diseases common to the human and animals, to give propositions on application and liquidation of the quarantine in the territory of Azerbaijan, to carry out the registration of the veterinary medicine;

    - to organise purebred, plant seedage and nursery, testing and protection of selection achievements, to organise within its authorities seedage control;

    - to provide the state policy on granting from the state budget and other sources in seedage, purebred and other spheres of the agriculture;

    - to follow plant protection and the quarantine, to organise phytosanitar control in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan and delivery of the phytosanitary certificates on the loads under the quarantine;

    - to carry out the policy of credit allocation for social-economical development of the agricultural sphere and the villages, to work with the related state organs, credit organisations and other institutions in this sphere;

    - to render agro-technical, agro-chemical and other necessary services on producers and processors of the agricultural products, to analyze, to prognosticate their need in engineering, machine, equipment, spares and other goods of production appointment, together with the relating executive organs to give the propositions on meeting those requirements, to take measures in organisation of the spheres of the technical service;

    - to organise the accounting and the statistic calculation in the system of the Ministry in accordance with the effective rules;

    - to implement other duties determined by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

    The rights of the ministry

    - to receive within its powers necessary information from the central and local executive organs, the municipals, the individuals and the legal enterprises as determined by the legislation;

    - to adopt within its powers the normative-legal acts on all the spheres of the agriculture according to the legislation;

    - to give in accordance with the legislation the proposition on establishment, re-establishment and liquidation an office, an organisation and an institution with the status of the legal enterprise under the Ministry;

    - to establish the periodical, to issue the bulletins and other publications in accordance with the legislation;

    - to determine the necessities of the agrarian sphere in specialists, to give propositions on their training and improvement of their professional skills;

    - to give orders and instruction within its power to enterprises, offices and organisations, to control their correct and timely implementation, to brake or liquidate the illegal decisions of those enterprises, offices and organisations;

    - to give reference during on allocation of the useful soil for other purposes;

    - to prohibit production and exploitation of the growing materials contradicting the standards and other norms;

    - to implement other rights determined by the legislation.

    Agrarian reforms

    Agrarian reforms held in Azerbaijan are related with the mane of the worldwide politician Heydar Aliyev. During his second leadership in the Republic of Azerbaijan the country was in deep crisis. The crisis was the logical result of affect of the negative processes the Soviet Union. It also the fact, that other republic of former Union also suffered from the economical and social crisis. The position of Azerbaijan was complicated by unjust war, the occupation of about 20% of its lands by Armenians, more than million refuges and IDPs and casual attitude of the previous government to the economy. To find the ways out the President held 9 meetings in 1994 related to the problems on agriculture. Not only the chief employers, but the scientist, specialists and the members of the International organisations participated at the meetings as well.

    At the meeting held in the Palace of the Republic on 23rd of December of 1994, the President stated: "…the agrarian reforms, change of the form of the property, land reforms and to provide favourable conditions for the independent economy are important and responsible steps in the life of our people."

    Soon established the legislative base for implementation of agrarian reforms, adopted the laws 'About the agrarian reforms' and "About reforms in state farms and collective farms" in February 18, 1995, also "About land reform" in July 16, 1995. More than 100 normative-legal acts on the agrarian sphere adopted during 1995-2004.

    The state policy on agrarian reforms founded by the national leader Heydar Aliyev is successfully carried out by his deserved successor today's president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. The second Decree of the President "About acceleration of the social-economic development in the Republic of Azerbaijan" dated November 24, 2003 supposed the next level of the agrarian reforms and acceleration of the necessary measures.

    The abovementioned Decree followed by the "State Program on social-economical development of the regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan "(2004-2008) which reflects the measures the implementation of which should cause deep agrarian changes and wide development of the ownership in this sphere. The State Program also supposes re-establishment of the activity of agrarian processing enterprises, establishment of new manufacturing firms, increase of profitable use of native resources, establishment and development of necessary infrastructure for regional development, acceleration of the second level of agrarian reforms, for this purpose to establish technical service centres in the regions, to extend seedage base and so on.

    With the purpose to remove the disorder in agrarian management and to establish the government system, providing regular development of this sphere the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan issued Decree from October 23, 2004, that re-established the Ministry of Agriculture and established new entities near it. They are the State Melioration and Water Economy Agency, the State Veterinary Service, the State Service of Phytosanitar Control and the State Agency on the Agricultural Credits. The Decree also liquidated the Committee on Melioration and Water Economy near the Cabinet of the Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

    The Decree of the President from October 23, 2004 established "Agroleasing" Open Stock-Company and determined additional measurements for extension of leasing in agrarian sphere. To organise the works of "Agroleasing" OSC 100 billion and 150 billion manats allocated in 2005 and 2006 accordingly.

    In the result of successful implementation of the agrarian reforms, the agriculture of the country got out of the agricultural crisis and started dynamic development. In comparison with 1995 the grain growing increased by 2.3 times in 2004, potatoes by 5.9 times, water-melon products by 8.5, vegetables by 2.5, fruit and berry by 1.3, meat by 1.9, milk by 1.4, eggs by 1.5, the quantity of the cattle heads by 1.3, the quantity of ship and goats by 1.6 times.

    Successful agricultural policy and dynamic development, wide and purposeful measures taken for the establishment of new vacancies will serve to change the appearance of the villages, increase the agricultural showings and speed-up development of the social-economic development.

    The international relations

    The independence of Azerbaijan, return of the national leader of the people Heydar Aliyev, caused extension of the foreign economical relations, embedding of the investments to the republic by the international\regional organisations, financial entities and donor countries and implementation of different projects on different agrarian spheres. Reforms successfully carried out in the Republic, demand the study of the international experience in the condition of new economical relations, application of modern technologies and working methods and practical experience of different samples. Study, as the element of agrarian reforms, of the experience of the implementation of the pilot projects and programs by the international organisations on the maters of separate elements of the economy, play great role in training the professional stuff with the skill to work in modern conditions and in the access to the modern technology. With purpose to perfect the international experience, technologies, the basis of the market economy and the ownership skills, the following projects and programmes implemented in the agrarian sphere of the republic during 1994-2004. Some of them still continuing their activity:

    6 TACIS programmes: "Organisational assistance to the Ministry of Agriculture", "Aid to families and commercial farmers", "Privatization of the sector of foodstuff distribution in Azerbaijan", "Regional Agrarian Reform-1", "Assistance in bank activity of the agrarian sphere, organisation of village credit entities", 'Unions on assistance to Regional Pilot Agrobusiness';

    2 World Bank projects: "Establishment of exemplary private agricultural enterprises", 'Development and Crediting of the Agriculture';

    3 GTZ Germanic Government projects: 'Support of private initiatives in the Agriculture', 'Consult on Agrarian policy';

    the projects of 'Development of potato seedage in Azerbaijan and establishment of its base' and "Establishment of services on artificial fertilization" by the Holland PSO program;

    the project of "Increase of foodstuffs in Azerbaijan-2KR " by the government of Japan;

    'Inventory of plant cover and soil use in Azerbaijan with the method of far-distance probe', 'Strengthening of phytosanitary services', 'Strengthening of diagnosis, struggle and control over intensive infected animal diseases', 'Vaccine supply for the assistance to the veterinary' by the Organisation of Food and Agriculture of the UNO;

    "Project of the development of mountainous and high mountainous regions" by the International Fund on Agricultural Development (IFAD) and the project of the European Commission "Food security".

    The address of the ministry

    Address f the ministry: AZ1000, U. HAjibayov, 40. Government House
    Phone: 493-08-84; 493-37-45
    Web site: