The history of establishment and the main activity directions of the Committee

The State Committee on Women’s Affairs was established by Presidential Decree on January 14 1998y. The Committee acts in the direction of solution of existing problems in this field for the period of operation. Organization of single state administrative body is important in point of solving family and children problems in close connection with solution of women’s problems. In connection with it The State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs was established by Presidential Decree on February 6 2006y. State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan is the Central Executive Body implementing State policy and adjustment.

The activity directions of the Committee are following:

Duties of the Committee

According to the trends of activities defined by this Charter the responsibilities of the Committee are the followings:

  1. Ensure human and civil rights and freedoms, particularly those of women and children and prevent violation of these rights within its authority;
  2. Implement normative regulation in the appropriate field concerning its competencies given by the legislation;
  3. Participate in elaboration of state program drafts in the appropriate field;
  4. Ensure implementation of state programs and development conceptions within its authority;
  5. Coordinate other executive bodies’ work in the appropriate field;
  6. Ensure implementation of the national treaties ratified by the Republic of Azerbaijan within its authority;
  7. Implement state family policy;
  8. Explore social problems of refugees and forced migrants (children and women) and less provided families and raise questions afore the appropriate state bodies in order to resolve them;
  9. Provide advice-giving company with appropriate state bodies in order to study bases of modern management and market economy, implementation of woman entrepreneurship, formation of family agriculture;
  10. Provide taking measures and elaborating projects with appropriate organizations on gaining various new professions and increasing specializations of women in order to implement an employment strategy according to the state legislation;
  11. Raise appropriate petitions in order to resolve problems of martyr’s families, families lost their men, single mothers, especially disabled women and children by state bodies;
  12. Provide training of staff in appropriate field, improving professionalism and specialization of employees;
  13. Implement in appropriate field modern scientific achievements and provide carrying out and implementation of scientific researches taking into account a progressive international experience;
  14. Provide an effective use of budget means, credits, grants and other financial means in appropriate field appointment;
  15. Take necessary measures to protect state secret and privacy regime according to the state legislation;
  16. Provide population with the information on the Committee’s activity;
  17. Take measures within its authorities to improve the structure and the activity of the Committee;
  18. Consider applications and complains connected with the Committee’s activity and measures according to the state legislation;
  19. Implement measures to improve social protection, labor and living conditions of the Committee’s staff;
  20. Provide accountancy according to the state legislation.
  21. Fulfill other duties set by the legislation in compliance with trends of activities.

The Rights of the Committee

The Committee has the following rights to fulfill its duties:

  1. Give proposals on main directions of the state policy in the appropriate field;
  2. Establish a unique information system in the appropriate field within its competence;
  3. Organize systematic work with women and men in compliance with gender principles;
  4. Participate in implementation of state programs on millennium development goals, poverty reduction, and employment strategy within its competence;
  5. Implement “healthy mother”, “healthy child” principles, to provide study of juridical knowledge on the direction of children’s rights protection
  6. Carry out supervision under the implementation of state woman policy, giving children from child institutions for foster-care, protection of their rights and legal interests, and social protection as well by departments within the Committee’s structure, to receive information on the way appropriate state bodies fulfill their duties in these directions;
  7. Implement measures together with appropriate bodies and within its authorities on protection of the rights of women working in manufacture, raise issue of taking measures for appropriate bodies in case if violation of women’s rights by officials;
  8. Elaborate legal act drafts in appropriate field and participate in their elaboration;
  9. Stand out with the initiative to sign the international documents in the appropriate field;
  10. Send questionnaires to state and local authorities, physical and juridical persons about necessary information on the appropriate field and receive such information from them;
  11. Cooperate with international organizations and appropriate bodies in foreign countries in accordance with established procedure and study foreign experience;
  12. Conduct researches, analysis and generalization on the appropriate field, prepare analytic information and give recommendations;
  13. Take measures on preparing specialists, their professional skills and professionalism of the Committee’s workers;
  14. Involve independent experts and specialists to its activity as defined by the legislation;
  15. Conduct different trainings, seminars and activities in the appropriate field;
  16. Publish special bulletins and other publications in accordance with established procedure, to create website and use it;
  17. Give proposals within its competence aimed at involvement of investments to the appropriate field;
  18. Give proposals to conduct measures of the international importance in the appropriate field;
  19. Elaborate and implement projects covering television and radio programs in the appropriate field;
  20. Realize the rights on state property under its surveillance according to the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  21. Nominate active Committee workers for honorary titles and government prizes in accordance with established procedure;
  22. Realize the rights defined in the legislation according to work directions.

The structure of the Committee

The structure of the Committee consists of authority and apparate. Apparate consists of 6 departments:

56 persons working in the staff of the Committee

The Activity of the Committee

The decree of AR President “ On implementation of state women policy in Azerbaijan Republic” reflected main direction of women participation in public and state management.

Azerbaijan Republic joined the UN Convention “On elimination of all forms of discrimination against women” in 1995, and submits periodic reports to the same named Committee of UN on realization of the Convention in the country.

The law “On gender equality” adopted by National Parliament (Milli Majlis)

Persuades the purpose of providing equal rights for men and women in all spheres of public life, and prevention of all kinds of discrimination by gender. According to the present Law by legal, organizational and other other mechanisms the state ensures the equal presentation of men and women in public management and in decision-making process, the creation of equal opportunities, guaranteeing of gender parity as well as elimination of all forms of discrimination.

One of the most important tasks set forth is purposeful elimination of daily violence. For that the “Republic Complex Program on strife with daily violence in democratic society” was developed. The objective of the program is decrease of domestic violence cases and prevention of violent behavior forms by means of special measures in various sphere of personal and public life of Azerbaijan Republic population. The domestic violence is one of apparent among the forms of violence. Its general particulars are influence upon the everyday life of people, transformation into traditional form and due to it becoming “invisible”. The working group is being made for drawing up the Law on strife with domestic violence and corresponding draft legislation was submitted to National Parliament (Milli Mejlis). Quite contemporary and not enough studied problem in Azerbaijan is trafficking. In 2005 a Law of Azerbaijan Republic “On trafficking in human beings” Azerbaijan Republic signed the Decree on conformity of the legislative acts and Cabinet of Ministers, normative-legal acts of executive power organs with the present law, and resolution of the other issues resulting from the application of the present law.

State Committee on Family, Women and Children Affairs sent the enquiries to all regions, collected the statistic data with purpose of foundation of general database in sphere of family problems about families residing in Azerbaijan Republic. At the same time the relations with NGO-s engaged in family problems were established, their activity directions were studied and the contacts on joint activity were created.

With purpose of discussion of gender equality in contemporary families and of family problems in Islam, drawing special attention to national-moral values, relation between family, society and people on May 12 2006 together with State Committee on Work with Religious Structure and Population Fund of UN conference on subject of “Renewing families: Family and gender perspectives in Islam” was held.

On 15th of May Committee held the second Family festival together with the Ministry of Youth and Sport as a final day of decade dedicated on “Family Day”.

State Committee was successful on having necessary information about 12 prisoner women and met with their families and held regular meetings in prisons in the purpose of solution of family problems of women who are in the prison and provision juridical assistance.

State Committee submitted proposals to Milli Majlis on additions and changes in some articles of Family Code in the purpose of provision of improvement the legislation and family laws and conduction the analyze of normative legal acts in the field of family issues. Taking into consideration the necessity of Reproductive Health for the family, it is planning to do concrete works in this field. So, medical aid services were organized for poor and special needed families in order to realize the “Healthy family” principle. The project was implemented in joint partnership with UNFPA and The Youth Organization for of refuges and IDPs, under the slogan of “no Violence” dedicated to the International Day of the Struggle against the Woman Violence.

Enlightenment seminars were conducted in 4 regions during October 1-25 2006 in the frame of the project and the final conference held in |Baku.

Gender Equality and Women Problems - the proposals in this field were prepared and submitted to |Milli Majlis on “Daily life Violence” and additions and changes on the second read of the Law on Gender Equality.

Recommendations worked out and proposed for discussion in order to make additions to Family, Labor and Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Committee also takes part in preparation of the Law on Human Trafficking and National Plan of Action on Women’s Issues.

The Committee offered recommendations on “Changes in Social Legislation” at the Round Table held in Ataturk Centre in August 2006.

Department on Gender Equality and Women’s Issues in order to form a statistical database on education, business and occupation of men and women systematized the results of questionnaires spent in the regions of Azerbaijan.

Within the propaganda on gender equality, women’s rights, prevention of early marriages seminars were held in regions of Azerbaijan. Representatives of the Committee also met with the most active women participated in municipal elections, discussed women’s rights in elections and decision-making processes. In August 2006 the Committee held the Conference dedicated to the 25th anniversary of CEDAW.

Within the frame of the 15th anniversary of foundation of CIS a special catalogue on Famous Women of Azerbaijan has been published.

On October 6-7, 2006 SCFWCA in co-operation with the Ministry of Youth and Sport and the Ministry of Healthcare held 1st “Woman World: Beauty and Health” International Festival.

On October 13, 2006 the Committee participated at “Woman Entepreneurship Development in Azerbaijan” Strategy and Perspectives” Conference.

Department on Gender Equality and Women’s Issues also celebrate birthdays of famous Azeri women, consider complaints and implement current actions.

Department on Children’s Issues considered appropriate legislature, in order to solve children’s problems prepared additions and changes to legislation to discuss at Milli Majlis.

One of the main priorities in the sphere of child protection is the improvement of all necessary facilities for the development of children in need of special care and disabled children. The State Committee on Family, Women and Children’s Issues of the Republic of Azerbaijan co-operated with international and non-governmental organizations in all directions.

The Committee spent series of measures dedicated to the International Day of Child Protection (June, 1).

On June 19-20, 2006 the Committee participated at the 3rd International Conference “On Creation of Reliable Environment for Children in Asia and Central America” was held.

Starting from June, 2006 the Committee has been implementing yearly “Parent Participation” project in co-operation with UAFA. The main goals of the project are:

In July-August 2006 trainings on advocacy, press-conference and meeting with parents of children in need of special care has been held within the frame of the project. The organization of TV programs, shows and community meetings are planned within the frame of project.

On July 5, 2006 “Child-Eyed Paris” contest of children’s art in 3 nominations was held in the French Cultural Centre by SCFWCI in co-operation with Embassy of the Republic of France in Azerbaijan and Parfum de France. The winner of the contest gained 3-days vacation to Paris.

In July-August 2006 in order to implement the State Program on De-institutionalization and Alternative Care of the Republic of Azerbaijan the Committee’s representatives spent meetings with people in regions.

In August-September 2006 the Department on Children’s Issues participated in “Healthy family is the basis of Healthy society” propaganda campaign organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sport.

On September 14-15, 2006 in Moscow in the Committee of the Council of European Ministers under the chairmanship of the Russian Federation “Provision of the Rights of the Child is the Provision of the development of the society” international seminar was held. The representation of the SCFWCI met with delegations of all countries represented at the seminar. The importance of the foundation of the State Committee on Family, Woman and Children’s Issues of the Republic of Azerbaijan was valued as the great attention of the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan to appropriate sphere.

On September 15, 2006 “Program of Measures on Protection of Mother and Child Health” was affirmed by the decision № 211 of the Cabinet of Ministers. The Program included recommendations of the Committee in appropriate spheres.

According to the Program the Committee in co-operation with UNFP has been implementing Project on “Reproductive Health Initiative For Youth In The South Caucasus” in Azerbaijan. The Committee in co-operation with “Center for Innovations in Education” work on 3-yearly project of building of community based rehabilitation centre in one of the orphanages.

On September 19-20, 2006, seminar on implementation of “De-Institutionalization and Alternative Care” Program was held. Representatives of the Committee shared experience in the sphere of De-Institutionalization with experts from Italian EducAid organization.

The Committee has been collecting data in order to establish Research Centre to form institutional system for the improvement of children’s welfare and clarify priorities of their protection.

Starting from September 25th, 2006 according to the program maintained in order to provide the implementation of the Plan of Action of “The State Program on De-Institutionalization and Alternative Care (2006-2015) affirmed by the Order № 1386 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (March 29, 2006) the State Committee on Family, Women and Children’s Affairs in co-operation with Ministries of Finance, Education, Healthcare, Labor and Social Protection has been carrying out the monitoring in all state children institutions for children deprived from parental care. Within the frame of the monitoring 36 state children institutions has been already visited.

SCFWCA also work on Hot Line Foundation project in co-operation with “ Hope Place” organization and Azerbaijan NGO Alliance for Children’s Rights.

Within the sphere of co-operation with international organizations the Committee:

The following actions were implemented in sphere of bilateral relations:

Address of the Committee

Address : Baku city, U.Hajibeyov str. 40, Government House, Gate III, AZ1000
Tel : +(99412)498 00 92
Fax : +(99412)493 58 72
Reception Days Tuesday, Friday - 10.00 – 13.00