• The history of the Committee
  • The duties f the Committee
  • The rights of the Committee
  • International relations of the Committee
  • The address of the Committee

    The history of the Committee

    The committee was established as 'the State Committee of Azerbaijan SSR on persons obliged to leave their permanent place of residence' by the Decree of the Supreme Soviet Presidium of Azerbaijan SSR from September 19, 1989 with the purpose to settle the problems concerning acceptance, placement and live conditions of the persons obliged to leave their permanent place of residence and to relate works of the soviet, economical, administrative and social organizations of the republic.

    By the Decree # 396 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan from January 5, 1993, the Committee renamed as the State Committee on the Affairs with the Refugees and the IDPs.

    The duties of the committee

    In accordance with the Statue confirmed by the Decree # 187 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan from February 1, 2005, the main duty of the Committee is to participate in formation and implementation of the state policy on solution of the following matters:

    - temporal settlement, repatriation and insurance of the refugees, the internally displaced persons and those intend to get the title of "refugee"(shelter searchers);

    - increase of their social and living conditions in the territories cleared out from the occupation;

    - increase of the employment;

    - lessening of the poverty;

    - to carry put purposeful activity with related state organs, the international and non-governmental organisations to establish conditions for the refugees and the IDPs to return back places they had to leave;

    - implementation of construction and repair works of their housing and social object;

    - to provide the objects with corresponding project- estimation documents.

    The rights of the Committee

    The Committee has the following rights:

    -to give propositions to and to raise questions before the related organs and on solution of the problems of the refugees, the IDPs and persons intend to get the title of "refugee";

    -to take measures with state and non-governmental organisations on the migration of those people;

    - to work out the projects of the legislative acts on problems related to the responsibilities of the Committee;

    - to control the correct delivery to the IDPs of the grants determined for the monthly food and the welfare;

    - to work out instructions, rules and other normative acts on implementation of the matters under its authority determined by the legislation and to confirm them with the adoption of related state organs and so on.

    International relations of the Committee

    The Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan from December 6, 1999 established the Social Development Fund of the IDPs. By that Fund on the expense of the concessionary credit of $10 million USA allocated by the Bank of World to our country with the purpose to solve the social problems of the IDPs, to perfect the infrastructure, to create new places of employment, realised 153 micro-financial projects favourable for more than 150 000 IDPs. More than 6000 IDPs got micro-credit as individuals.

    Taking into consideration the necessity to continue the abovementioned matters, some work is carried out on allowing concessionary credit by the Bank of World, the Bank of the Development of Asia and the Bank of Islamic Development.

    There are 60 international, 22 local humanitarian and 13 development organisations established by them that del with the solution of the problems of refuges and IDPs in our Republic. Recent years those organisations realised the projects on the development that formed and implemented by the organisations themselves.

    Favourable condition is established for free, independent and transparent activity of those organisations. According to the decision of Milli Mejlis from December 3, 2004, some alternations made to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan 'About Social Insurance'. Thus the international, local humanitarian and development organisations established by them freed from the obligatory state social insurance payment accounted to the salary fund formulated on the financial means allocated within the frame of humanitarian programs financed by the donor state, organisation and private companies.

    The activity of international, local humanitarian organisations and those founded by them, is controlled and coordinated by the Republic Commission on the International Humanitarian Aid created on the Decree of the President of Azerbaijan from 1995.

    As the result of the favourable activities separate states, financial entities, the international humanitarian and development organisations allocated humanitarian assistance in the amount of more than $ 640 million USA to refugees, IDPs and disadvantage persons on different projects during 1993-2004.

    During past 12 years the international humanitarian organisations built about 4 000 shelters and gave to the exploitation of the IDPs. Repair processes carried out in dwelling houses- temporal inhabitancy of about 20 000 IDPs.

    Thanks to appeal of the national leader Heydar Aliyev to the headquarters of the organisation of "Universal Foodstuff Program" of the UNO in 1999, the period of activity of that organisation in Azerbaijan particularly prolonged till the late 2005.

    According to the agreement achieved during the visit of Heydar Aliyev to Italy in 1997, Italian Company 'ENI' allocated $2.2 million USA for the project "Refugees and IDPs in Azerbaijan". According to the contract between the government of Azerbaijan, "AJIP Azerbaijan" United Company, the Italian company 'ENI' and UNO GAK, on the expense of the abovementioned mentioned grant, established 253 houses and social objects for 234 IDP families in Khanlar, 124 houses and social objects for 110 families in Beylagan and lied water lines for 5600 persons of 35 provinces living in Lachin winter fields (Takhta Korpu(Wooden Bridge)) in Agjebedi.

    Within the project 'Assistance to IDPs in Mingachevir' financed by Japan Fund on Lessening of the Poverty and with the help of Asian Development Bank new district founded for 412 IDP families in Mingachevir.

    With the initiative of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev a district for 100 families is being established in Saatli by the financial means of Greece "Contrators International Company" (CIC), that takes part in laying the Azerbaijan section of the pipeline of 'Baku-Tbilisi-Jeyhan'.

    Non-constructive position took by Armenians inactivity of the international organisations double approach to the conflict prevents peaceful solution of the problem. Thus the grant allocated to our country by the donor states lessens year after year and several humanitarian organisations leave our country. But on the other hand all the abovementioned facts are the result of the recent economical development of Azerbaijan, much lessening of the poverty among the people and perfecting of their life conditions.

    During 1994-1995 the amount of allocated each year grants to the projects carried out by the international, local humanitarian organisations and the development organisations established by them comprised $ 70-75 million 2004 the amount was $ 34 million USA. Taking into consideration the means allocated from the State Oil Fund, the amount allocated the previous year by the government comprises $ 129 million USA.

    In 2001 several international organisations ceased their program on food supply assistance to the refugees, IDPs and disadvantage persons. But according to the decrees of the president of the country about 146 000 IDPs are supplied with the food at the expense of the budget.

    The only entity providing food supply to 135 000 IDPs temporally located in 23 cities and regions of the Republic-the international humanitarian organisation 'Universal Food Program' of the UNO ceased food delivery since the beginning of this year for the reason of shortage of donor means. The state assumes the solution of the problem and definite work is carried out to continue the activity of the organisation.

    The solution of the problem is impossible without the help of the world society, donor countries and financial entities, for the humanitarian condition of refugees and IDPs is still difficult and the degree of poverty among them is still very high.

    Some measures are also taken in the country to solve the social problems of those intend to get the title of "refugee" (looking for the shelter in the third countries).

    Since may 2000, on the expense of the means of the UNO Supreme Commissariat on Refugees the international humanitarian organisation "Amkor" of the USA built a clinic that renders medical service to those intend to get the title of "refugee" (shelter searchers).

    With the assistance of the UNO Supreme Commissariat on Refugees in 2001 the Department of Refugee Status Determination established in the State Committee on Affairs of Refugees and IDPs that legally regulates the rights of those people.

    UNO GAK and related state organs united their efforts to give status to the persons intend to get the title of "refugee" (shelter searchers), to solve their social problems and to give education to school-age children.

    To operatively settle the problems related with those persons established the personnel staff of the members of the department of the Cabinet of the Ministries of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the affairs with the problems of the IDPs, migration and the international organisations, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, of Internal Affairs, Of National Security, of Labour and Social Insurance, the State Border Service and the members of the state Committee on Affairs with Refugees and IDPs of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

    The address of the committee

    Address of the committee: Baku, Tbilisi ave. 57
    phone: 430-09-21, 430-09-25.
    Web site: