• The history of the committee
  • The functions of the committee
  • The rights of the committee
  • The international relations of the committee
  • The address of the committee

    The history of the Committee

    The arrangement of statistics in Azerbaijan commenced with the operation of the statistical committees within the Shamakhy (from 1846-till 1859), Baku (1859) and Ganja (1967) provinces following their establishment.

    The annual reports of the provinces combining 20-27 statistical tables issued from the said period till 1917 incorporated the statistical materials on the of the population, number of cattle, workers, fairs, factories and plants, the circulation of plants and products and fairs, the commercial prices of major goods, the number of militants and other information.

    During 23 months of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan (1918-1920) the government made attempts to establish a single body regulating the statistical issues on the territory of the country

    . Though the aim was not achieved, definite structures related to statistics were created within different Ministries. These structures started operating as the Statistical department within the Ministry of State Property and Agriculture from November 15, 1918 and as the Statistical Bureau with the Lands Fund of the Agricultural Ministry from July of 1919.

    The regulation on the temporary statistical collegiums was approved by the Revolutionary Committee of Azerbaijan and signed by Nariman Narimanov on July 8, 1920.

    The establishment of the local statistical bodies started in Azerbaijan in 1924 and later the statistical bodies were created in all the regions of the country.

    The new regulation on the Central Statistical Department of the Azerbaijan SSR was adopted by the People's Commissars Council of the Azerbaijan SSR and Central Executive Committee of Azerbaijan on September 28, 1928.

    The central statistical department separated from the State Planning Commission in August of 1948 and joined the Central Statistical Committee under the USSR Council of Ministers in August of 1948. This fact was of great importance for the improvement of the activity of statistical bodies.

    The Central Statistical Department of the Azerbaijan SSR was transformed into the State Statistical Committee in 1987 and the regulation on the state statistical committee of the Azerbaijan SSR was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on March 30, 1988.

    The year of 1994 was a special period in the history of the statistics in Azerbaijan. The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev signed a law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On the Statistics". Taking into account all the requirements of the major principles of official statistics in the region of the Economic Commission of Europe confirmed by the 47th session of the commission held in Geneva on April 15, 1992 the law incorporated the establishment of national classification, brought in conformity to international one and the state register of the subjects engaged in thrift of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the conduction of state statistical observations on the territory of the country, protection of the statistical secret and social insurance of the state bodies officials, etc.

    The State program on the reforms in the state statistical system in 1998-2002 was approved by Order No 760 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in August 20, 1998 and the State program on the Improvement of official statistics in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2003-2007 was adopted by Order No 853 of the President on February 20, 2003.

    The state program on the improvement of official statistics in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2003-2007 implied the completion of the statistical reforms in the country, bringing it in conformity to the international statistical standards with regard to the results of the last few years, information of the community and the improvement of the statistics in accordance with the state economic policy.

    The statement of the national leader of the Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev that was left in the memory of the country's statistical scientists "We have a state statistical committee which conducts an exact statistics" is a good example of the importance attached to the statistical committee.

    The structure of the state statistical committee currently comprises the state statistical committee of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic, the statistical department of Baku, the statistical departments of 81 districts (cities), the Chief Accounting Center, the Center of scientific research and projection of statistical information.

    The functions of the committee

    The State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan ensures the activity of the statistical information system on the basis of the single methodology in the social and economic spheres in the country. The State Statistical Committee of Azerbaijan is an independent central economic body regulating the statistical and registration activity and operating in the system of the central executive bodies.

    The State Statistical Committee carries out its activity on the basis of the comprehensive and objective study of socioeconomic processes occurring in the country, provides the information on the socioeconomic state of the country and is responsible for the implementation of the policy, aiming at the increase of the role of statistical information through respecting the rights of individuals and legal enterprises and protecting their private information.

    The State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan fulfills the following functions:

    -to conduct the statistical policy on the territory of the country:

    -to ensure the objectiveness of the statistic information and its correspondence to the processes occurring in the social and economic spheres in the transitive period of the market relations;

    -to conduct the methodological control over the development and application of technical and economic information compared with international standards;

    to coordinate the activity for conformation and improvement of statistical reports and to determine the terms and rules of their collection;

    -to analyze the statistical information, conduct the calculating of the socioeconomic and demographical balance and work out its forecast;

    -to maintain international cooperation in the sphere of statistics, to spread and exchange statistical information not contradicting the interests of the country;

    In accordance with the duties ascribed to it the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan fulfills the following:

    -provides the government bodies of the Republic of Azerbaijan with the statistical materials reflecting the socioeconomic state in the country;

    -arranges the collection of necessary statistical information on the basis of the state statistical calculation, conducts the application of optional observations along with statistical ones;

    -analyses the social processes, living standards and expenses in the country, arranges, census enumerations, socio-demographic observations, statistics of the family budgets and polls on different topics;

    -ensures the application of statistical information on the basis of a single methodology and modern technology;

    -ensures the timely introduction of statistical information, the issue of information of particular concern to the community and exchange of views with international organizations in accordance with the duties it undertakes;

    -ensures the confidentiality of the state and commercial secrets and the statistical information;

    -conducts the automatized registration and codification of enterprises registered by the government and operating on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

    - participates in the comparisons held by international statistics;

    - carries out the mutually profitable international cooperation in statistics, takes part in the activity of international statistical organizations;

    -conducts press conferences, meetings and other arrangements with mass media representatives

    - provides the scientific and educational centers for scientific researches with the necessary statistical information on the basis of contracts;

    -works out and delivers paid statistical information for individuals and legal enterprises except for the leading bodies in accordance with the concluded contracts, agreements and direct polls;

    -carries out operations for the transition to the national accounting system and due international standards in cooperation with the ministries and head departments;

    -provides the individuals and legal enterprises locating on the territory of the country with the accounting blanks and instructions on their application;

    -concludes long-term contracts with the educational institutions on the specialists training, provides for the pre-degree and industrial practice of the specialist students for statistics.

    The State Statistical Committee cooperates with the statistical experts as well. Therefore, it arranged the preparation of the statistical methodology and standards for the conduction of the statistical researches in cooperation with the Academy of Science of the Republic of Azerbaijan and scientific enterprises of the chief departments and assists to the conduction of alternative observations on the social and economic problems of its regions and separate spheres.

    The rights of the Committee

    The State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan adheres to the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Statistics", other legislative acts, the orders and decrees of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, orders and decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers, the international contracts in the statistical sphere and the present Regulation.

    The state bodies and other governmental bodies of other levels does not interfere with the affairs of the State statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic and its structural divisions in towns and districts.

    The powers and rights of the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan:

    -to issue the results of the economic and social state in the Republic of Azerbaijan and settle methodological problems in the sphere of statistics and registration;

    -to get the free and state statistical reports from the legal enterprises owned by the Republic of Azerbaijan yet locating out of its bounds, legal enterprises and individuals, fiscal, banking, customs and other services, regardless of the form of their properties as well as from the ministries, state committees and head departments and executive bodies.

    -to involve the organizations and institutions to the statistical activity in accordance with the order and provisions stipulated by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

    -to recommend on the draft standard and legal acts on the statistics and registration introduced to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Cabinet of Ministers for confirmation;

    -to improve the statistical methodology and practice in cooperation with the statistical departments and international statistical organizations in accordance with the legal international standards and in a way stipulated by the Law, to conclude contracts on the cooperation in utilization of new technologies;

    -to analyze the information and carry out other works that are not incorporated in the regulation on the basis of the contracts with the executive bodies, scientific, production and other organizations as well as individuals by means of their funds;

    -to conduct measures on administrative reproach and to initiate administrative proceedings on the officials and individuals, who retard the information for the conduction of the state statistical observations, pervert it or does not introduce it at all

    -to check the state of the initial registration and the correctness of the statistical reports of the legal enterprises and individuals regardless of the forms of their property, ministries, state committees and chief departments;

    -to correct the perverted information, to instruct the due individuals and legal enterprises to reflect these amendments in the initial and accounting settlement and other documents (officials are responsible for the perversion of the state documents by the Legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan);

    -to annul the state statistical reports contradicting the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan on statistics;

    -to hear the reports of on the statistical accountings and calculations of the leaders of ministries, head departments, committees, associations and companies and at the collegium sessions and conduct joint collegiums.

    The International relations of the Committee

    After Azerbaijan gained independence the State Statistical Committee established cooperation and conducts information exchange with such international the statistical department of UN, IMF, ICO, World Bank, YUNESCO, FAO, YUNISEF, European Statistical Bureau, CIS Intergovernmental Statistical Committee, Black Sea Organization for Economic Cooperation OECD, EEC, the Central Statistical Bureau of Sweden and the State Statistical Institute of Turkey and the statistical bodies from 43 countries of the world for improvement of the production of the statistical information corresponding to the international standards and demands and for the strengthening of international relations.

    The State Statistical Committee that attaches a great deal of attention to the expansion of bilateral relations signed contracts on the bilateral cooperation with Turkey in 1992, with Sweden in 1998, with Uzbekistan and Bulgaria in 1999, Kazakhstan in 2000, Russia in 2001.

    The leaders and experts of the committee conduct bilateral meetings on the international level and take part in the courses, seminars and lectures arranged by international organizations.

    In this connection it is possible to single out the Sweden meeting on the bilateral cooperation between the leaders State Statistical Committee of Azerbaijan and the central statistical bureau of Sweden, the participation of the state statistical committee in the Moscow seminar "On the fulfillment of fundamental principles of the official statistics", seminars and conferences of the committee experts in Georgia on the computerization for demographical analysis and management of tourism statistics and information, in Kyrgyzstan "Support to gender statistics, in Turkey "Population and health", Finland "Conduction of selection statistics on human resources", Switzerland "Gender Statistics", Italy "Demographic changes in OSCE region, problems and settlement ways", Paris "The utilization of administrative sources", the Moscow session of the work group for realization of ecological indicators", courses in Switzerland "On the enumeration of population and housing economies", in Geneva "establishment of database for DEVINFO 4.0 users", in Japan "Principle modules of official statistics" and "Collection and analysis of official statistics:, participation in the meeting held in Moscow for the discussion of the single list of the investment goods, meetings in the Federal Statistical Department of Germany on the practice and experience in the application of price indexes through the method of composition elements.

    The address of the Committee

    AZ 1136, Baku, 136 Inshaatchylar Ave
    Tel: 438 11 71
    Fax: (+994 12) 438 24 42
    E-mail: sc@
    Web site: