Extract from the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Article 58. Right for association

I. Every one has a right to unite with others.

II. Everyone has a right to join any association including any political party, trade unions and other social unions as well as existing units. The free activity of such associations is ensured.

III. No one can make any other person to join or to remain the member of any association.

IV. The activity of the associations aiming at the forceful overthrow of the legal state power on the whole territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan or its part is prohibited. The activity of the associations violating the Constitution and the Law can be ceased only through the court.

Like all modern political systems the political system of Azerbaijan is characterized with the multiparty and pluralism. The political parties get the chance to participate in the political life of the country through representation in the legislative and local municipal bodies. The Republic of Azerbaijan currently accounts for 42 political parties registered by the state.

1 Party of National Independence of Azerbaijan 15 Patriots' Party of Azerbaijan 29 Party of the National Unity of Azerbaijan
2 Party of Resurrection and Progress of Azerbaijan 16 Democratic Party of Entrepreneurs of Azerbaijan 30 Party of Single Azerbaijan
3 The People's Democratic Party of Azerbaijan 17 Alliance Party for Azerbaijan 31 Party of Democratic World of Azerbaijan
4 Party Ana Veten 18 Azerbaijan Democratic Enlightenment Party 32 Party of Independent Azerbaijan
5 Party of National Democratic Cognition 19 Party of Unity 33 Party of the National Salvation
6 Peasants' Party of Azerbaijan 20 Democrats Party of Azerbaijan 34 Compatriot Party of Azerbaijan
7 Party of Civil Solidarity 21 People's Party of Azerbaijan 35 Azerbaijan Party of Social Welfare
8 Musavat Party 22 Liberal Democratic Party of Azerbaijan 36 Liberal Party of Azerbaijan
9 Party Birlik 23 Democratic Party of Azerbaijan 37 Social Democratic Party of Azerbaijan
10 The Party of Hope of Azerbaijan 24 Fighters' Party of Azerbaijan 38 People's Front Party of Azerbaijan
11 QORQUD Party 25 Party Adalet 39 Single Communist Party of Azerbaijan
12 Party of the National Movement of Azerbaijan 26 Party Milli Vehdet 40 Party for Social Justice
13 Communist Party of Azerbaijan 27 Modern Musavat Party 41 National Congress Party
14 Party of the National Government of Azerbaijan 28 Party of New Azerbaijan 42 Party of Free Republicans of Azerbaijan