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    Zoogeographic map
    Conventional signs
     Red deer  Caucasian moufflon  Jackal  Marsh beaver
     Dappled deer  Wild hyena  Fox  Suleysin
     Gazelle  Brown bear  Rock squirrel  Wild mice
     Dagestan tur  Leopard  Forest squirrel  Roe
     Lynx  Caspian seal  Chamois  Wild cat
     Rabbit  Pasan  Raccoon  Iranian grey squirrel
     Wild pig  Wolf  Indian porcupine Bat colonies
    Natural habitats of different sorts of mice
     Iranian sand mouse  Red-tail sand mouse  Asia Minor sand mouse Vinogradov sand mouse
    Sturgeon Kutum Bream Caspian salmon
    fario Sazan Herring Kulma
    Zander Kheshem Shamayi Sprat
    Pelican Black stork Golden goose Swan
    Geese Red-chest goose Ducks Partridge and natural habitats
    Bearded eagle Bustard Little bustard Sultan hen
    Bald-coot Sandpiper Silver gull Caucasian tetra
    Caucasian ular Caspian ular Pheasant and natural habitats Turaj and natural habitats
    Black-head gull Quail Pigeons
    Water snake Caucasian viper Mediterranean turtle Caucasian agama
    Disaster agama Stripy lizard
    Lake frog
    In subniveal, niveal landscapes of high mountains - Dagestan tur, chamois, pasan, Caucasian moufflon, lynx, leopard, rock lizards, wild viper, Caspian ular, Caucasian ular, bearded eagle and etc.
    In meadow landscapes of high mountains (subalp and alp) - Caucasian moufflon, pasan, chamois, Dagestan tur, brown bear, wolf, leopard, fox, Asia Minor viper, rock lizards, Caucasian tetra, pigeons and etc.
    In forest and meadow-bush landscapes, created after forest, of middle mountains - red deer, roe, pasan, chamois, wild pig, raccoon, brown bear, lynx, leopard, wild cat, rock squirrel, forest squirrel, Iranian grey squirrel, suleysin, Indian porcupine, Rostombeyov lizard, stripy lizard, green-belly lizard, marsh turtle, lake frog, Caucasian tetra, pheasant, black stork, pigeons, fario and etc.
    In mountainous xerophyte landscapes of middle mountains - Caucasian moufflon, leopard, wild pig, rabbit, jackal, wolf, fox, rock squirrel, wild mice, Caucasian agama, water snake, ordinary water snake, disaster agama, red-belly telkhe, pigeons, partridge, quail and etc.
    In forest landscapes of low mountains and submountain areas - roe, dappled deer, brown bear, rock squirrel, raccoon, stripy lizard, snake-headed lizard, frogs, grass-snake, scraggy grass-snake, pheasant, pigeons and etc.
    In xerophyte, dry-lake and forest-bush landscapes of low and middle mountains - rabbit, fox, jackal, Iranian sand mouse, stripy lizard, Caucasian agama, Caucasian viper, turaj, partridge, pheasant, golden mabuya, Asian bare-eyed and etc.
    In steppe landscapes of low mountains - brown bear, stripy hyena, wolf, wild pig, Indian porcupine, rabbit, fox, wild cat, wild mice, Iranian sand mouse, red-tail sand mouse, Caucasian viper, Mediterranean turtle, snake-headed lizard, grass-snake, Caucasian telkhe, red-belly telkhe, partridge, turaj, little bustard, bustard and etc.
    In semi-desert landscapes of low mountains - gazelle, wild pig, wolf, fox, jackal, rabbit, red-tail sand mouse, wild mice, Caucasian viper, Caucasian kele, Mediterranean turtle, bustard, little bustard, geese, ducks, sultan hen, sandpiper, sazan, shamayi, bream, kulma, zander and etc.
    In meadow-forest (tugai), forest landscapes of plains and lowlands - brown bear, wild pig, wolf, jackal, fox, raccoon, rock squirrel, marsh beaver, suleysin, red-tail sand mouse, Caucasian viper, Mediterranean turtle, stripy lizard, snake-headed lizard, lake frog, green grass frog, many sorts of telkhe, geese, ducks, little bustard, bustard, black stork, pheasant, fario and etc.
    In dry-steppe landscapes of plains - gazelle, wild pig, marsh beaver, wild mice, Asia Minor sand mouse, red-tail sand mouse, Iranian sand mouse, Caucasian viper, Caspian gecko, wormwood round-headed lizard, Mediterranean turtle, snake-headed lizard, ordinary water snake, partridge, turaj, pheasant, black stork, little bustard, geese, ducks and etc.
    In semi-desert landscapes of lowlands and plains - gazelle, wolf, jackal, rabbit, wild pig, wild cat, marsh beaver, wild mice, Asia Minor sand mouse, Caucasian agama, Caucasian viper, Mediterranean turtle, lake frog, snake-headed lizard, stripy lizard, water snake, red-belly telkhe, pheasant, bald-coot, sultan hen, little bustard, turaj, golden goose, swan, sandpiper, pelican, ducks, bustard, pigeons, sturgeons, kutum, kheshem, kulma, sazan, herring, shamayi, zander and etc.

    # Name Foundation Date Area ( Reserved (animals, birds, reptiles, fish and plants)
    I Zagatala 1929 238 Dagestan tur, red deer, roe, chamois, Caucasian ular, Caucasian tetra, Caucasian khachlija, bearded eagle, Caucasian rhododendron and etc.
    II Ilisu 1987 174 Dagestan tur, chamois, roe, brown bear, Caucasian ular, Caucasian tetra, Eastern oak, chestnut, lime and etc.
    III Garayazi 1978 97 Black stork, bream, zander, fario, willow, poplar, gizilagaj and etc.
    lV Ismayilli 1981 167 Red deer, roe, chamois, brown bear, oak, hornbeam and etc.
    V Pirgulu 1968 43 Brown bear, lynx, wild muymul, hornbeam, Eastern oak and etc.
    VI Altiagaj 1990 44 Roe, brown bear, lynx, squirrel, Mediterranean turtle, wild viper, 90% broad-leaved oak, beech, hornbeam and etc.
    VII Turyanchay 1958 225 Brown bear, lynx, black griffin, ash-tree, pistachio, juniper, thin groves and etc.
    VIII Goygol 1965 75 Brown bear, red deer, roe, Caspian ular, fario, Eldar pine and etc.
    IX Garagol 1987 2 fario and etc.
    X Shirvan 1969 62 Gazelle, little bustard, coarse-haired frankeniya, ephemeral wormwood, love bushes and etc.
    XI Gizilagaj 1929 884 Swan, golden goose, sultan hen, hybrid poplar, Gorsheym dandelion and etc.
    XII Besitchay 1974 1 Unique Eastern plane grove, Georgian oak, hornbeam, Juniper bushes and etc.
    XIII Hirkan 1936 29 Dappled deer, leopard, wild hyena, grass frog, Caucasian shield-faced snake, irontree, chestnut-leaved oak, Caucasian veli and etc.
    XIV Shahbuz 2003 31 Brown bear, wormwood round-headed lizard, Asia Minor viper, oak-wood and etc.