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    Economic map
    Conventional signs
    Capital city Capital of autonomous republic Large cities Region centres
    Other residential settlements
    Railways Motorways Sea-port and shelters Pipe-line
    Gas pipeline Electric main Irrigated lands Springs of mineral water
    Forest Sands Swamps Salt-marsh
    Non-ferrous metallurgy Ferrous metallurgy Mining industry Machine-building
    Oil Petrochemical Gas Electric power
    Light industry Food industry Mineral water Wine-making
    Fishery Silk worm breeding Canned fruits Canned vegetables
    Olive-growing Grain-growing Cotton-growing Wine-growing
    Tobacco-growing Diversified agriculture Subtropical fruits Vegetable-growing
    Fruit-growing Cattle breeding Poultry farming Health resort
    Ferrous metallurgy Non-ferrous metallurgy Machine-building Electrotechnics
    Oil refinement Chemicals Synthetic and rabber products Timber and woodworking
    Construction materials Light industry Cotton-cleaning Silk
    Foods Wine-making Tinned fruits and vegetables Tea
    Tobacco Fish Mineral water Heat electric power station
    Hydro-electric power station Grain Pomegranate Grape
    Laurel Olive Rice Rose
    Sugar-beet Tobacco Tea Cotton
    Henna Silk-worm breeding Saffron Ethereal oil corps
    Potato Fruit-growing Sturgeon Fine-mesh