(The political portrait of new Azerbaijan President)

Today the head of our state is Ilham Aliyev, a well-deserved successor of Heydar Aliyev's way. The policy of Heydar Aliyev lives and succeeds in today's Azerbaijan. The new president of independent Azerbaijan and the new leader of all the Azerbaijanis in the world Ilham Aliyev conveys the will of Azerbaijan people.

Ilham Aliyev is accepted by the international community as a prominent and modern statesman. He holds great respect and influence in Azerbaijan. The political portrait of Ilham Aliyev is well-known in the world.

The prominent political and statesman Ilham Aliyev is the son of Heydar Aliyev, national leader of Azerbaijan people and the genius statesman. He is a professional politic. He has graduated from the Moscow State Institute of the International Relations in 1982. In the same year he started scientific-pedagogical activity, became the candidate and the pedagogue. He is candidate of historical sciences since 1985. In 1991 he was the chief director of 'Orient' company in Moscow. In 1994-1997 he was the vice-president on foreign economic relations of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic; in 1997 he changed his position to the first vice-president at the same company. In 2003 he was the Primary Minister of Azerbaijan Republic. Ilham Aliyev was the closest associate of Heydar Aliyev in preserving Azerbaijan state system and establishment of new Azerbaijan.

Ilham Aliyev took active part in preparation of oil strategy, worked out by Heydar Aliyev, in succeeding and realization of this policy in the world, drawing up of different projects, execution of very difficult diplomatic missions and played important role in flow of the investments into our country. He had his own share in carrying out of the economic reforms, in extension of economical and cultural relations of Azerbaijan with foreign countries, in conclusion and realization of historical contracts, especially with progressive oil companies of the world on joint exploitation of oil and gas fields, and particularly the contract about the main oil export pipe-line of Baku- Tbilisi-Jeyhan, and generally in world integration of Azerbaijan Republic. In the result of implementation of oil strategy, with undeniable participation of Ilham Aliyev, and conclusion of oil contracts with the international organizations foreign companies presented to Azerbaijan bonus in the amount of $ 800 million US during 1994-2000. More than 30 000 vacancies have been created in Azerbaijan oil sector.

Ilham Aliyev took active part in establishment of the democratic, legal and secular state in Azerbaijan. He is the leader of New Azerbaijan Party (the NAP), the leading political party of the country. At the first Congress of the NAP in 1999 Ilham Aliyev was elected the deputy chairman of the party and the second congress in 2001 elected him the first assistant of the chair of the party. Ilham Aliyev successfully carries out his duty and shows productive activity in mobilization of wide mass of the people for establishment of New Azerbaijan. In the parliamentary elections of 2000 he was at the head of the election company. It was under his leadership that NAP won the elections and dominated in Milli Mejlis (the National Assembly).

Being the deputy of Milli Mejlis, Ilham Aliyev always tried to be among the people, studied their problems and constantly took care of those who needed the social insurance. At the same time Ilham Aliyev showed the concern about different members of the community, the refugees and IDPs, as well as the invalids of the Karabakh war, carried out great constructive works in the region of Garadag and other regions of the country.

As the permanent member the Commission on the International Affairs and Inter -parliamentary Relations of Milli Mejlis, Ilham Aliyev was at the head of the permanent representative membership the Parliament of Azerbaijan at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). His purposeful, obstinate and courageous speech at the PACE greatly influenced and increased the ascendancy of Azerbaijan in the European society. Thanks to tireless activity and the decisive speech of Ilham Aliyev, Armenian aggressors have been exposed at the CE. The Eastern world got acquainted with the objective opinion about Nagorny Karabakh, the inseparable part of Azerbaijan, as well as the false 'problem of Nagorny Karabakh'. The conflict has correctly been evaluated and significant attempts have been made to solve the problem. Ilham Aliyev has great role in recognition of Armenia at the CE as the aggressor and the invader; he proved the Armenian terrorism to be a constituent part of the world terrorism; informed the European society that Nagorny Karabakh, as territory free from control, turned into the transition for the drugs and the seat of the terrorism. Ilham Aliyev's activity at the CE and the objective and constructive speech at PACE brought him great respect and authority. In January 2003 he was elected the vice-speaker of the PACE and the member of the Bureau.

Ilham Aliyev showed special activity in realization of Heydar Aliyev's policy concerning the youth. He is still successfully working on that sphere. In 1997 Ilham Aliyev was appointed the president of the National Olympia Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan. He didn't need much time to show his high organizational talent in that sphere. His tireless and tense efforts fixed up Azerbaijan sport soon and brought it world fame. Bright victories of Azerbaijan sportsmen at the international competitions are first of all the great victory of the of Ilham Aliyev's "sport movement" policy.

As a prescient statesman and the politician, with the purpose to train healthy youth for healthy future of our people, Ilham Aliyev aims to change the sport into public movement. The establishment of the Olympic sport-health complexes in Baku and other regions of Azerbaijan (Nakhchivan, Ganja, Sheki, Lenkeran and Guba) and sufficient material-technical resources for the development of different spheres of the sport are aimed to supply healthy future of our people.

Today Azerbaijan occupies the first places at the international competition on different spheres of sport and Baku has changed into the center of the important international competitions. All the abovementioned positively affect the international authority of Azerbaijan in the world. This is a great achievement of Ilham Aliyev's youth policy.

As a professional politician with deep knowledge of the history of the international relations Ilham Aliyev is held in high respect and authority in the world. As the head and the member of Azerbaijan membership he has paid official and state visits to the USA, England, Turkey, France, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Slovakia, Poland, Georgia and others and reported at many international conferences and congresses.

Ilham Aliyev was the deputy of the Milli Mejlis (1-2nd convening) of Azerbaijan republic. In 2003 for his services before Azerbaijan people Ilham Aliyev was appointed the Prime Minister. In the presidential elections of 2003 he was elected the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The President Ilham Aliyev successfully continues the great son of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev's policy of the democratic, legal and secular state. The implementation of the economic reforms expedited under his supervision. The special decree of the president adopted the State plan on the social-economic development of the regions in 2004-2008. The president Ilham Aliyev pays particular attention to full supply of human rights and freedoms of the people. He follows Heydar Aliyev's course of the preservation and the development of national-moral wealth of Azerbaijan people. He gave the orders 'about the issue of the National Encyclopedia of Azerbaijan' and 'about mass publication in Azerbaijan language in Latin alphabet' (January 12th 2004). He assumed the publication of the National Encyclopedia and signed related orders; increased the amount of the salary for the scientists depending on their degree and grants for students, masters and the candidates.

Ilham Aliyev is distinguished with his particular interest and care to the history of Azerbaijan. He highly appreciates the role of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan in the establishment of our state system: 'The establishment of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan was significant and important event in our history. It was the first democratic republic established in Moslem world. Azerbaijan was on its way to freedom. Our country was about to be a member of the world community.'

Decisive and purposeful activity of Ilham Aliyev brings success to implementation of Heydar Aliyev's foreign policy and exposures to the world the aggressive position of Armenian invaders disturbing the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. Wide world-outlook, deep and thorough knowledge, high culture of Ilham Aliyev bring him high respect and authority as modern and agile politician. In quickly changing modern world, in the processes of globalization and integration, in all the spheres he successfully represents the interests of Azerbaijan at the international meetings and high level negotiations. For successful foreign policy of Ilham Aliyev Azerbaijan is gaining greater authority in the solution of the international and regional problems.

The President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev awarded honored titles and prizes of many states and the international organizations. He has also been awarded the Honored Diploma of honored member of the PACE.

Ilham Aliyev carries out wise internal reforms and implements purposeful foreign policy that make Azerbaijan the leading country in the South Caucasus.