The development of aviation in Azerbaijan is closely connected with the name of national leader Heydar Aliyev and his tireless labor. The new airport corresponding to all international standards was commissioned at the International Airport of Bina after Heydar Aliyev was commissioned by his personal initiative and under his control in 1999. The airport is equipped with the new up-date technique and devices. A new telephone station corresponding to the international standards was created and commissioned for the improvement of the effectiveness and quality of telephone communication in the airport.

As is known the International Airport of Baku after H.Aliyev is the major gate of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It is located 20 kilometers of the southeast of Baku and 2 kilometers southwest to Bina district.

The concept for the further development of the civil aviation of Azerbaijan was worked out by UNDP and was defined by the High development plan of the civil aviation of Azerbaijan approved on June 24, 1997. The high plan includes the following:

-the development of the principles of international convention and the new aviation legislation considering the requirements of the international standards -the Air Code;

-the complete modernization of the airport Ganja along with the supply of radio and electric equipment and correspondence to the international requirements;

-the modernization of the aircraft's park of the state aviacompanies, the increase of the competitiveness of the aviation companies;

-the attraction of foreign investments in the civil aviation;

-the further development of the National Aviation Academy and the training Center to meet the demands for aviation specialists and human resources of the aviation establishments.

The airport has the following aims:

-the arrangement of the technical maintenance of the surface equipment of the transport process, the utilization of new achievements of the technique and leading practice;

-the improvement of the economic relations between the national aviation and other establishments in the Republic of Azerbaijan;

-the arrangement of the technical training, improvement and raising of airport officials' skills in accordance with the international standards;

-the development of scientific and technical and socioeconomic programs , annual forecasts and perspectives of the airport development;

-the fulfillment of responsibilities undertaken by the Republic of Azerbaijan in frames of the international contracts in the sphere of civil aviation.

The International Airport of Buna named after H. Aliyev is equipped with two launching strips (SUEZ) and three movement strips (HZ). The Suez 1 is characterized with the following properties: ML 335-155, 2700 meters in length, 60 meters in width, SUEZ-2-MK-335-175, 3200 meters in length and 45 meters in width. The surface of the SUEZ is asphalt-concrete.

The SUEZ was created for the receipt of A, B, S, D, E category aircrafts and all kinds of helicopters.

LP together with MK 335-155 - 3500x190 meters;
BPB 335-155 - west 90 meters, east 50 meters;
KPT MK 335-50 meters, MK 155-200 meters;
LP MK 355-175 - 3340x160 meters;
BPB 335-175 - 70 meters each;
RD (V) № 1 -1060 x 20 meters;
RD (V) № 2 - 760 x16 meters;
RD (D) № 3 - 1020 x21 meters

The aerodrome accounted for radio and electric equipment for Suez-Omi and SUEZ-2-Ovi-1.

The size of the aerodrome elements: