The state concern AZAL was registered by order No 232 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the republic of Azerbaijan on April 28, 1992 and a number of civil aviation transport means, enterprises and organizations were transferred under its jurisdiction.

The order of the Cabinet of Ministers empowered the State Concern AZAL:

  • To control the compliance of the activity of civil aviation establishments, other enterprises and organizations to the aviation law and other standards legislative acts;

  • To control the compliance to the the rules of flights, the standards of the aviation means\ and aerodromes, the requirements of certification of aviation specialists and establishments, the standards ensuring the safe flights and safety of the aviation techniques.

    The said order of the Cabinet of Ministers transferred all the state civil aviation establishments and organizations under the jurisdiction of the State Concern Azerbaijan AirLines. The order also stipulated for the registration of other aviation enterprises and organization in the State Concern Azal.

    The regulation of the state concern Azerbaijan AirLines defined the aforementioned powers more exactly. According to the legal status defined in the Regulation of the state concern Azal is the legal enterprise acting on the basis of self-financing principle and having the settlement accounts in the banks, an independent balance and free as an independent economic complex.

    The regulation defined the following powers of the state concern:

  • The conduction of a single scientific and technical policy in the sphere of the development of civil aviation;

  • The rational allocation of the air parks, air lines and airports;

  • The complex development of the material basis of the civil aviation;

  • The application of the scientific achievements and advanced experience in the civil aviation;

  • The arrangement of the safe flights;

  • The application of the progressive technical devices in the management of air transport;

  • The improvement of rules for the utilization of air zone of the Republic of Azerbaijan in cooperation with the related Ministry and departments;

  • The preparation for the settlement of defense issues and other powers

    The Aviation Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan adopted on February 9, 1994 empowered the State Concern Azal to regulate the civil aircrafts of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as airports, civil aerodromes and surface equipment.

    The state concern Azal is the state executive body of the civil aviation and it was also established as a commercial organization and was attached a status of a complex.

    The airplanes of different countries of the world passing Azerbaijan also pass 9 climatic zones beginning from mountains up to subtropical areas and these ways total only 600-700 kilometers. Nearly 3000-3500 planes pass Azerbaijan within a month that means 35000-40000 planes of 250 aviation companies just transiting the country.

    16 points and air corridors were established for the border passing of the Republic of Azerbaijan, while only one international airline that is Baku-Resht existed in the times of the USSR.

    To date Azeraeronavigasiya communicates with all the international airports of the world by AFTN and SITA communication channels.

    The development of new optimal routes and their application enabled to attract the new planes and financial funds into the country. It had a positive impact on the navigation system, civil aviation and on the overall development of the country's economics.

    The exchange of information on the international relations on the experience exchange in the activity of enterprises, the interaction with the nearby centers owing to HHT and RTO and the ICAO, IATA, European Control and other international organizations as well as the aviation enterprises of European and Asian states is of great importance. The certificates on the correspondence, certification and development of SERTOS services were issued to the aviation meteorological service and enterprise of CIS. That enables to state that meteorological and radiotechnical provision of the flights fully corresponds to the requirements of internatonal certification.

    Yet the training of administrators, controllers and engineers is still a problem that is to be settled.

    It is necessary to carry out an intense work for the retraining and education of the staff to replace the old technical way of thinking by the new modern one. For these purpose the state concern maintains cooperation with the academies of Germany, Czechia and Great Britain, the AN8 Center of Latvia, the Aviation University of Ukraine, the Corporation AIRSYS ATM, Rude Swartz, Impulsfizic and the Academy of National Aviation of Saint Petersburg.

    The state concern Azal comprises B-757-200, B-727-200, TU-154 and YAK-40 and it has a highly qualified staff. The teams have the experience of over 10 thousand hours of flights. The team and service personnel were educated in the certified centers of USA and Great Britain for the conduction of flights at the boards of B-757-200 and B-727-200.