The Baku Oil Refinery named after Heydar Aliyev (former New Baku oil refinery, association Azerneftyanadjag and Oil Refinery Azerneftyag) dates back to the late 1940s.

Due to the lack of high quality motor gasoline of the former Soviet Union the construction of the catalytic cracking plants started in Baku by the decree of the Ministry of Oil Industry of the USSR.

The first technological plants were commissioned later and the order of the Ministry of Oil Industry of USSR on the establishment of the New Baku Oil Refinery was issued on July 29, 1953.

The Oil refinery attracted the attention of the technical and scientific circles of the country and the whole Union as well as the world community. Thus, nearly 50 influential foreign representatives visited the plant in 1956-1957.

Within the last decades the plant continuously modernized, expanded and the staff of the plant was conferred the Red Flag of the Ministries of the petrochemical industry and oil refining of the Union and the Republic for more than 80 times for their satisfactory work.

The staff of the plant always adhered to the traditions on being a leader in the oil refining of the republic. The plant mainly aimed to ensure the quality of the production of high productivity of labor, the economic effectiveness of the activity.

The technical and engineering staff of the plant was widely famous with the industriousness and high intellectual level. Everyone called the plant the flagman of the oil refining.

Tens and hundreds of oil refiners entered the history of the Plant within the last 50 years. These are the Hero of the Socialist Labor Mirzababa Abutalyb oghlu and Olga Savkina, Aliya Aliyeva, Gasan Ismikhanov, Radjab Nabiyev, Ali Guseynov, Mikhail Semyonov, Panah Abbasov, Mirza Gasanov, Elman Guseynov, Vasili Ukleyn, Humay Mamedova and others were attached a number of honorable titles and orders and medals.

Through the period of 50 years the Baku Oil Refinery processed over 280 million tons of oil, constructed new plants, applied modern technology and produced different types of oil products.

The Baku Oil Refinery after Heydar Aliyev currently accounts for 21 out of 24 types of Azeri oil that give birth to nearly 15 types of oil products including motor gasoline, aviation kerosene, diesel fuel, black oil, oil coke and others.

The plant fully meets the demands of the country in the oil products. Moreover, 70% of the light oil products are transported to the foreign countries including France, Italy, Spain, Israel, Russia, Iran, Georgia, Greece and others.

The plant that has over 2800 workers operates such highly technological plants as the ED-AB-6 (ELOU-AVT-6) plant (commissioned in 1976) for initial processing of oil, catalytic reforming plant (1980), gradual coxing plant (1986), catalytic cracking plant (1993).

The major plant of the Baku Oil Refinery after Heydar Aliyev is the combined atmospheric vacuum plant which has the capacity of 6 million tons of crude oil and the units for preliminary desalting of oil and reprocessing of gasoline.

The plant was installed in 1976 in accordance with the profound reconstruction plan of Baku oil refineries. The major equipment of the plant was supplied from Germany. The plant was to be used for the production of motor gasoline of West Siberia and Kazakhstan oil and Azeri oil with high volume of coke in it, the fraction of crude 850-1800 C gasoline of the catalytic-reforming, as well as the production of aviation kerosene TS-1, diesel fuel, catalytic cracking, vacuum gasoline, black oil as the component of oven fuel.

Within the last few years the pumping economy was replaced by 80-90% at the ELOU-AVT-6 plant and the vacuum establishing system was reinstalled and 15 technological schemes enabling to prevent the losses of 13-15 thousand tons of standard fuel as well as the thermal power for the improvement of the thermal exchange processes.

A project for the production of petroleum acid and refining of the fuel through alkali at the ELOU-AVT-6 plant was implemented by the license of the US company MERICHEM to bring the quality of oil products in conformity to the world standards.

One of the main objectives of the Baku Oil Refinery after Heydar Aliyev is the social protection of the staff and the arrangement of their working place and leisure time. The plant adhering to the said basis conducts the due measures.

The plant includes the Culture House, Nabran health center, two kindergartens for 236 people, 2 family hostels for 448 people. Over 500 refugees have lived in the Pirshagi rest house and Mardekan camp since 1993-1994 up to the present.

The ceremonial houses were constructed and commissioned for the displaced persons settled in the Mardekan youth camp and Pirshagi resort area. Within the last few years a number of buildings were constructed and commissioned and the workers of the plant received the flats there.

The administrative buildings, canteens, medical centers, sport halls, sport grounds, clubs and other establishments of a number of the plants' section have been repaired. A green zone was established on the area of 20 hectares and 25 thousand trees were planted there. The workers of the plant were provided with a free meal a day.

The special buses to carry the workers to the work and back homes were arranged as well and their brought the workers to and from the work in time. The Neftayiran newspaper of the plant lighten the production activity of the enterprise, its trends and problems.

The sport is paid a great deal of attention. Numerous sport sections operate within the health club Meshel of the plant and the plant's Olympic games are held from time to time.

The member of the Meshel sport team Movlud Miraliyev took part in the judo contests of the 2004's Athens Olympic Games and took the fifth place.

The team of the Baku Oil Refinery after Heydar Aliyev was the champion of the football ground in 1998 and 2000 and was twice the winner of the Cup of Azerbaijan.

The professional football club NEFTCHI was transferred under the jurisdiction of the plant in February of 2004 and the NEFTCHI team became the Champion of Azerbaijan and the Cup of Azerbaijan the same year. The team took part in the Champions' League of UEFA in 2004-2005.

Yet the workers of the plant did not stop on the achieved and always sought for the new production reserves and limits for development.

Thus, the issue of the more complete utilization of the production power of the plant is still an urgent matter. It is proposed to carry out the application of the automated management system of the initial oil refining and catalytic reforming processes, the reconstruction of the central lab of the plant, the restoration of the torch economy to ensure the effective utilization of the gas produced in the refining, the receipt and storage of kerosene, diesel oil and housing oven fuel, the reestablishment of oil and oil products park for their transportation to the seaports and gasoline filling railway Estacada and other technical and technological measures.

Works recently done at the Plant will contribute in close feature to supply again production of aviation kerosene 'TS-1' for production of kerosene 'Jet A-1' in order to meet the world standards of aviation fuels. In its turn it will enable to change Heydar Aliyev International Airport to transregional petrol station during flights to Central and Eastern Asian countries.

Another important issue elaborating hard is the quality of produced goods.

The staff of the enterprise realizes that to bring the quality of the products may be brought in conformity with the European standards the sulphur must make up 0.05%, aromatic substances of motor gasoline -1%, the benzol in the motor gasoline-1% and the total aromatic substances -over 35%.

The construction of the ALKILEN plant for the alkylation of the butane and butylenes and construction of the OXYPRO for the production of the high octane gasoline component- diisopropyl ether are stipulated by the license of the US company UOP for the receipt of the high quality component for motor gasoline.

The conduction of the said operation will promote the intensification and modernization of the production at the Baku Oil Refinery after Heydar Aliyev and as the result, the increase in the production of light oil products corresponding to the international standards.

The address of the Baku Oil Refinery named after Heydar Aliyev.

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