Major objective to develop the field of industry in 2008-2011 includes production of science-based, high-tech, competitive and export-oriented industrial outputs meeting world standards, expansion of state support actions, improvement of state regulation system in industry complex, identification and increasing of investment sources and resources, mobilization of natural riches and labor resources and assurance of sustainable development of industry.

Dynamic development of oil sector and improvement of supply of regions with energy resources, favorable investment conditions created in non-oil sector, privatization, financial support to small and medium entrepreneurship and other reforms will assure more intensive development of non-oil spheres.

The following actions will be taken to achieve major objective in industry sector:

- Identification of directions of development of non-oil sector of industry;

- Reconstruction of industry structure in accordance with selected development directions and its coordination with investment requirements;

- Recovery of industrial institutions under public property or control packet of shares of which belongs to the state;

- Reconstruction of production in technological aspect;

- Identification and increasing of investment sources and resources;

- Supporting development of industry due to preferential budget funds;

- Improvement of tax and customs policy, support to export and protection of domestic market;

- Training of specialized workforce;

- Supporting production of competitive industrial outputs and promotion of creation of export-oriented production by creating the industry town, strengthening of integration in this field into the regional and world economy and joining the scientific-technical innovation processes in the world.

The following actions will be continued towards development of oil-gas production sector:

- Search and exploration of new fields;

- Involvement of discovered fields in full-scale development;

- Drilling new wells in fields under development and restoration of wells not operating;

- Application of new equipment and techs to increase oil-producing coefficient in fields under development;

- Construction, reconstruction and modernization of oil-gas production, transportation and refining systems;

- Widely use achievements of science and techniques and advanced experience.

The following actions will be continued for development of energy industry:

- Expanding the use of alternative and restored energy sources;

- Building new stations and delivery nets;

- Implementation of reconstruction works at stations and energy delivery system;

- Saving fuel;

- Reducing technical and technological losses in energy production and delivery;

- Carrying out structural changes in energy sector and improving management system;

- Supporting entrepreneurship in energy sector.